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Didn't try the Hipster Look yet?Well, you're missing out on a lot!

2017 is all about hipster fashion and with Tumblr it went onto another level altogether. Hipster fashion has made a comeback after establishing in early 2000's but in much more evolved form, with a twist . To keep up with this trend there are some elements that you can include in your wardrobe to give it a hipster look.

1. GLASSES AND MESSY BUNS . Who doesn't love messy buns? All that it takes is just twisting and rolling your hair up and then tying it together. That's all , you are done ! The Biggest perk of messy bun is that it looks great on all hair type.

Glasses make a huge difference in the whole look . Now-a-days the gold transparent retro glasses are also making a comeback .

2. LAYER IT UP . Hipster fashion is all about Layers . Just add a denim jacket , flannel, cardigan or a bomber jacket . And

boom ! Look's transformed . Different layers make different looks . Like a flannel can give you a grung- hipster look or a cardigan give a nerdy-hipster look . So you can switch it up as per your wish .

3. ALL ABOUT THE SNEAKERS. sneakers are the game changer, they are comfortable, sporty and stylish all in one . You can wear them with a dress or jeans, it works anyway. It gives a very casual hipster look .

Hipster look easy to achieve and as we know most of the elements are already there in your wardrobe. This is a very casual and comfy and can look great on everyone .

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