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If you think your wardrobe is complete without these, Well.. THINK AGAIN !!

Five must haves that you totally need to slay this season :

1. BELL SLEEVES: This is a trend that has made a major comeback and has been inching its way up the fashion ladder. However, I feel there is an alluring feminine and free spirit appeal to this fashion. Bell sleeves are the rare exception and surely look great if you want to add some volume and still look cute.


One of the most romantic and classy trend this season is definitely ruffles.

They instantly elevate even the most casual outfit and create a strong focal point of the piece, so too many accessories are not required. Whether draped across the shoulders, falling along the side or spilling down the arms, ruffles can add drama to any look while keeping the feminine side of it still alive.

3. FAUX-FUR SLIDES : This is on trend in this list that’s quite controversial, but fashion is all about experimenting and knowing what works for you. The best part is that they are very comfortable and one can pair it up with feminine oversized shirt dress or baggy jeans and a blazer, for an elegant formal look. Or can dress it down by wearing it with denim boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt and a bomber jacket.

4. TASSELS : These make for perfect accents on handbags, dress hems and dupattas, and can be uber-chic when done right. Be it in leather, suede or denim, this boho trend can add dimension and texture to a plain outfit. The tassel trend works with accessories, too. Add a bold pop of colour with tassel earrings, a beaded tassel necklace or a tassel-strung bracelet and it’ll make any outfit look like a celebration.


Who says patches are just meant to fix up holes in your worn out jeans? The 90’s favourite trend has made a comeback this season. The trend is a global hit, with stylists such as model Gigi Hadid and singer Rihanna rocking fashion embroidered patches. My favourite combination is embroidered patchwork denim jacket with fun colored tops.

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