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Power Dressing Trends in 2017

Contemplating the meaning of 'Power Dressing' has never been an easy task. One cannot actually define something which is ever changing and gets driven away to every new trend that has to come. Power dressing has been misunderstood by many and to many. And it’s not their fault after all, it’s a term which has very significant effect on the society but on the larger picture is very vague and unstable. To tell the fact, power dressing is elegance. It’s something which is dipped to the core of elegance and portrays itself as the bench mark of it. It is something which is poise and porch, but also which is chic and up-to-date.

The term power dressing came into view when it was first mentioned in the New York paper, The Post-Standard, September 1979. It reads:

"The accent has shifted to glamour and power dressing for the city rather than the casual look of past seasons."

The wave of power dressing hit the shores way before this copy came out. The 1970s saw the change in the air of how the women started dressing, giving a message that they want their presence to be noted quite distinctively. In the 1980s women intended to extend the cause they begun and started projecting themselves as masculine silhouettes. Double-breasted suits obscured actual breasts, while pinstripes were like natural camouflage, allowing the wearer to blend seamlessly into the red-blooded environs of the boardroom.

Women in that era made it very clear that their voices are to be heard and their notion noted. But time changed so has the meaning of power dressing. One of the main purposes of power dressing was reducing female body’s sexuality in order to gain authority in the workplace.

Power dressing is not projected to just limit into the classic looks. It means to hold on to the past and to add a piece of the present to it, making it bold, competent, uptown and noticeable. One of the major factors of office wear is comfort. You need to keep in mind your comfort level while buying clothes. But don’t get overboard with it, because comfort is one of the factors and not the major one. The clothes you wear in your office represent you in an unspoken way, so you need to be very choosy and careful about it. You need to update your business wardrobe constantly with current trends and fresh ideas.Real power dressing is about standing out from the crowd, so that your professional look is current, and presents an image of effortlessness, freshness, and the idea that you are up to speed.

There are thousands of woman out there, all with the vision of dressing up persuasively. But can they all wear the same kind of dress and still look unique? No they certainly can’t. This is why it is very important to make your signature style in the way you dress. You should know yourself first, what suits you and what doesn’t. What compliments your body more, what accessories make you confident and upbeat. You need to first analyze and monitor your own self and body then only could you be able to create a personality which cannot be ignored.

Colors to wear:

People think to show supremacy, one cannot wear bright colors. Well that’s not true. But to start with; black, hues of blue, hues of grey are the best to give a strong message. But as the wind is changing, power dressing is becoming more subjective day by day. Go for bright colors if you wish but never forget the major rule, to look potent and chic.

The Look:

Trousers, skirts, cigarette pants always go with a suit. No matter what the occasion or meeting your company has, wear a suit because that’s the symbolism of power dressing. Waist cinched with a crocodile belt, a slight ruffle peeking out of a suit jacket’s neck or cuff. Jackets from Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani will play the part. Pick a suit which is not seasonal with a lightweight fabric and a classic cut. Try to have dark colors, they always represents seriousness and sincerity.If you wish of a skirt then, choose a slinky one which could just fit perfect under the suit. Make sure that the hemline is proper and long enough (not too long too), a little plunge is sexy and chic. And for the shirt, get an ivory or white one, it suits all skin tones. Make sure that it’s not too tight that your chest seems to burst and not baggy as well. No wearing of black bra under it! Always go for a nude one, it works better, suits better and looks better.Always make sure that all your clothes are well fitted. Nothing looks worse than an ill-fitted suit.For your pretty feet, always go for comfort but with some height in it. Try to avoid the one with toes flashing; they are tempting I know but just try to ignore them.

People look at what you are wearing but they only take you seriously when they see you in the face. And it is of utmost importance to make your face look perfect in the office atmosphere. Wear simple makeup, cheek bone boarder lined and standing out, eye having a light lush of eye shadow with a fine stroke of eyeliner. Never forget to wear mascara because that’s what gives the magic to the eyes. A little bit of blush may not harm but not too much. And for the lips, if you don’t get which color suits the best just go with red, hot red. Red indicates robustness and fierceness. Not every color you put on can make you look momentous, but red is red and it gives just the right impression on others as you wished for.

To accessories yourself, a pearl necklace, a brooch or a simple sculptural gold cuff work would do. Do not wear too much bling.

Always, always wear a watch. It tells that you are organized, depicts your orderliness and that you value time and off course style nonetheless.

Lastly for the treasure of every woman, bag. A good-looking bag that goes with your suit is a plus. Try to have one with a logo style on it like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi etc. Don’t carry a bag which looks like it’s for a vacation but also don’t opt for the tiny one which couldn’t even hold your wallet, phone and compact in it.

Follow this pattern and you are good to go !!

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