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B-Town Trends To Watch Out For

Fashion today is not meant for just Bollywood celebrities and models, common people has also exposed to the world of ever-changing fashion trends. So, let us take a look at some latest and most wearable fashion trends that are adopt in 2017

The Denim Touch

From the place of normal clothing denim has risen to be a fashion icon and it has become a symbol of modeling and modern culture. Current trend is all about variety and views denim as an item with bold style,regular denims can add enough oomph to your style diary if you know how to work it right. Ripped, white- washed, slim fit, low rise or straight cut denim have a charm of its own and it is probably the one item in your wardrobe which is requisite.

Shirt- Dresses

The shirt dress is making a big trend this summer, it is a super versatile garment. For a casual outing you can wear it with a pair of thong sandals or sneakers. Shirt dresses also a current runway trend can be paired with skinnies, jeans, long skirt, knee length skirt. Shirt dress is one of the all time favorite for all the fashionistas, it almost suits every body.

Khaki Fashionable

Khaki's one of the spring biggest trends. It's steady, relaxing, uncomplicated and easily dressed up or down. In a world full of distractions, khaki makes springtime dressing smoother. Khaki are expected to be everywhere this year, khaki dresses have also make an appearance this summer.

It's only words

Bold, bright and embroidered statement words on tees have got the thumbs up. This season, designers were all about slogan tees. This is probably one of the easiest trends to wear because you can style it for every occasion.

Polka Dot comeback

The polka dot has had an enduring love with fashion. The timeless polka has again found its way into this season trends. Be it denim, linen, sweatshirts or crop tops all have been rocking by polka dot trends

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