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Soft and powdery summer palettes in pastel tones are soothing for sure! And each one of us must incorporate in our summer dressing. There’s a thing about pastel colours in hot summery season, they give a well received sophisticated appearance to the wearer alongside being soothing to the eyes. Incorporate it in your wardrobe, colours such as blush pinks, powder blues, coral greens, pale lemon and yellows, whites and beige which are trending much at the moment. Break the monotony, move away from dark and shady colours and be the trendsetter.

Not just while selecting your clothes you can choose these colours, but for your accessories too you can pick pastel shades. Choose to pick a pastel statement coral neckpiece, or a handbag or may be a scarf for that matter.

One of the best ways to carry off the pastel look is pastel colour blocking, trust us all pastel shades looks great with each other. You don't have to think twice wearing two pastels together. Try out a white shirt, tee or a top with a coral pink skirt or hot pants for a chiller look.

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