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4 Chic Ways to Wear the Staple: SHORTS

Summer is fun! No matter what we say or complain about the scorching heat, there is nothing like summer season. When we can wear whatever clothes we want to. Summer is dotted with opportunities to pull out our favorite pair of shorts and wear them with practically anything. Checkout 4 chic ways in which you can wear your shorts in style this season.

1. Shorts With Summer BLAZER A new way to wear your printed pair of shorts is by pairing it up with a semi-formal summer solid pastel color blazer with full sleeves which can rolled up till elbows, wear a white shirt underneath. This outfit looks semi-formal summer suit, which you can wear to your workplace. You can also throw-in a floral printed blazer over the shorts for the summer chic casual day-look. Since prints are the call of the season, you can choose to pick from a variety of prints from animal to floral and graphic to aztec.

2. Shorts With TANK TOP Shorts, tank top and flip-flops is just the perfect combination to wear this season if you are going out to shop with your buddies to flea markets, beach or just simply cruising anywhere. You can never go wrong wearing this combination as this is most comfortable and less-thought giving. P.S: Do not forget to apply tons of sunscreen before stepping out in sun.

3. Shorts With SHIRT This outfit is definitely a must-have summer fashion wardrobe staple for summer season. Effortlessly summer chic look can be projected with a pair of basic denim shorts and a classic button down shirt. Cool, soothing and stylish.

4. Shorts With CROP-TOP Crop-tops are versatile and can compliment any pair of bottoms. We personally like the crop-top and shorts combo, as it makes way for some skin show in the chicest way.

5. Shorts With SUSPENDERS You might not need suspenders to keep your shorts up, but these look cute and peppy. Suspenders are detachable, so you can have the advantage of having two cool look by wearing them. Choose to remove them whenever you feel like. VOILA!! You get to wear your pair of shorts in just another look altogether.