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Your wardrobe must have a tee which you have worn like for a hundred times and is planning to discard, well don’t discard it; use it to make rosette of your own. Wear it with your new tee and ripped jeans and show the world that you can be the next Stella McCartney when it comes to recycling and green fashion.

Step1. Pick out your old tee and take a fabric scissors

Step 2 & 3. Cut out a panel of around 8 to 10 inches from your tee

Now cut out fringes from the edges with the required thickness.

And stretch out each fringe to curl them a bit and stitch the ends after measuring the size of your neck. You can even add bead to your scarf or tie them a regular interval to stylize it a bit.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

DIY idea for your winter scarfRemember all those wool you bought for your craft classes and never used them, well this winter take them out and do something like this and while making your pom pom remember that you are keep it trendy like always.After you are done with the making of the pom take out your muffler and attach it and enjoy the fancy new look for your winter. Make it in the diameter you desired and wear it with your cardigan.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

So now you have learnt two ways of revamping your daily scarf’s, also try something as quirky as this

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

So keep recycling and revamping stuffs to unleash your creativity.

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