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Where Comfort meets Fashion - Korean Style

Every inch of Korean fashion is something to die for. Right from top to bottom and every color used in Korean outfits are unique and they pull off such colors amazingly. The cutest little accessories like hats and side sling pouches are the important aspects in their outfit.

It will not be fair if I ask you to try everything they have in their fashion industry. Because our body type does not match to theirs. So, let’s be honest here and get inspired by their fashion and try only those outfits which you think will suit you best.


The combination of cute and elegance is right in front of you in the dress. The gray over-sized tee with black high-waist short skirt paired with black colored thigh high socks is the universal combination, but the way the monotony is broken with a brown bag and knitted hats is so Korean.

Image: mint

A full-on Korean vibe in this yellow stripe tee and denim high-waist is dope. Green color belt and cap is the smart move in this outfit.

This outfit is not hard to pull off, is it?

Image: fashion girls

Pink! The epic Korean specialty. How can we forget? Pastel pink is the cutest color worn by the Korean. Right from hairstyle to the footwear everything is so unique.

Just look at that cuteness.

High waist and oversized shirts are the thing in Korea. The easiest casual look ever.

We can try that anytime.

Image: chuu

Damn! These over-sized tees are the best casual outfit ever, and anyone can easily carry this style.

Image: honestlywtf

No one can wear a dungaree like this than the Korean females. Rolled up hems and the striped tee and of course the patent- “oversized” style is always dapper.

Image: officialkoreanfashion

A black on black with a pinch of red is a must to try on. Cap is a gem accessory when you have that bad hair day.

Image: tumblr

Folded denim, pastel color, oversized tee and breaking the monotony with the dark shaded cap is the perfect inspiration for us.

Image: pinterest

Pink and white combo never goes wrong, and wearing a calf length dress upon white tee is serious goals.

Image: pinterest

Muddy color and a peter pan collar with a knot is best for office wear, whereas if the pleated skirt was long enough till the knee, it would have been the whole office wear outfit inspired by Korean fashion. But we still love it.