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Viva La Mexican Fashion

Image Courtesy: Dirtbin Designs

Trends of 2017 like embroideries, floral prints, multicolored patterns, off shoulder dresses very much remind us of a country located between United States and Central America.

And if you are thinking of Frieda Fashion, bravo, you are half way close to the topic of the day, Mexican Fashion.

From Aztec to ponchos, Huipil to Baja jackets Mexico has presented the world of fashion with a Pandora box full of inspirations.

Let’s starts with Aztec print, the most common inspiration from Central America which has been a statement for brands like Missoni.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

With chaotic prints and basic color from the color wheel, Mexican outfit is a symbol of teen fashion.

Image Courtesy: Teen Vogue

After the Aztec, let’s turn the spotlight to the embroideries of Mexico.

Splash of primary colors on white cotton base is the signature style of Mexican Fashion. So if preppy is your style mantra, then capture the ethnic essence of this country with your embroidered outfits.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you are preparing for the winter, then definitely try on the Baja Jackets of Mexico this winter. Wear a cardigan or a poncho inspired by the Baja Jackets and flaunt the Gypsy fashion like a fashionista.

Image Courtesy: Forever 21

Ladies! Now you know all about Mexican fashion try these dresses for a theme party and stuns your folks with your ethnic knowledge.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Stunned and amazed with the variety??

Well, there is more.

Mexican accessories can rock your daily wear as well as be a party stunner.

Try these Jhola or Sneaker’s as you walk Downtown for your college.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you want to be unusual party stunner, you definitely should try these ear rings.