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The Olympian Fashionista

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Wondering what to wear for your best friend’s wedding or for that cocktail party of your special day? Or going crazy staring again and again at the prom invitation of yours? Well with white, gladiator shoes and hand cuffs so much in trend, you can dress up like some modern Hera or Athena and spread Grecian glamour around your folk.

Greek Mythology and their costume has always been a muse to the designer. Pleats, golden and blue jewel glow, serene colours create a perfect fashion drama for a posh party or wedlock.

From Taylor Swift to pop queen Jessie J has pulled up that Grecian look with oomph.

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Well Rachel’s out there, if you are going through a shopping spree for your Monica; here are some of the Grecian Inspired gowns you can opt for the wedding.

Image Courtesy: Jenny Peckham

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now you found your perfect dress for your wedding, its makeup and hair time.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

And if you want to look like a perfect Grecian Goddess dont miss out these jeweleries.

Image Courtesy: E bay

Finally here is an overlook to save you some time.

Image Courtesy: Poly vore

Ladies now that you are all decked up, it’s time for those cute flower child to look like Grecian cherubs.

Image Courtesy: Enhanced Buzz

Wondering about what to wear on that special cocktail party of yours and make every head turn while you dance with your bae. Then try these Grecian Inspired cocktail dresses.

Image Courtesy: Poly vore Gabriele Colange

Pick from the plethora of jewellery and spread Greek magic.

So now that you know the olympian fashion so well,

Go spread greek fashion around your people and collect some admiration for being a true fashion encyclopedia.