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Taking Inspiration from an Egyptian Era

Image: pinterest

The most fascinating and inspiring fashion is of Egyptian era. This particular era has given a lot to the fashion world. Right from the make-up to footwear we have is the creation from Egyptian era. For about 5000 years ago all this came to an existence and we are enjoying it more than ever.

When we say Egypt, all we think of is geometric structures and golden color, but let me tell you, it is more than just that. Egyptian art is about elegance with a kick of drama.

The dramatic eye make-up was first introduced by Cleopatra and we are still obsessed with it. Now the variations in eye make-up have hit another level.

Image: her campus

Even the heavy accessories and heavy head-gears are not something we prefer now a day. But we have the delicate head gears in the market.

Image: bruma stequio

Image: forever 21

Image: nasty gal

The fashion back in Cleopatra times was elegant and mostly draped to the body. The fashion even now is surrounded with the same concept. Egyptian took inspiration from the architecture for their garments and we took that further on very high levels, the design and the pattern in fashion industries are turning creative with the blend of what we had in the past.

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Many designers have created the modernized Egyptian look with every little detail like gold color, prints, structural ornamentation, hair, and accessories.

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Image: livingly

An ancient footwear preserved.