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Men's Gym Wear - Let's Workout

Mesh basketball shorts and old T-shirts are great and all, but wearing the combo for every type of physical activity, whether it's lifting weights or moving your friend's couch, isn't the most stylish way to go. Variety is the key to getting your summer body in top gear—as well as your workout wardrobe. Here, some staples to pick up right now based on your routine, whatever it is. From waterproof pullovers with a ’70s flavor to joggers you can wear before, as well as during, your workout, there's some stuff in here that'll work just as hard for you as those beloved mesh shorts. Promise.

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Darker trainers work best with with neutral, dark joggers, track pants or knee length shorts. Or simply keep it sporty with plain white trainers. Looking sharp enough to wander the streets post gym is less about a complete wardrobe change, and more about using a small touch to give an overall stylish impression.

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It should go without saying: trainers. But the question of where to start may have you stumbling into the nearest sports wear store, completely at the mercy of ruthless sales assistants – but that’s what we’re here for. There’s a lot to be said for comfort in footwear for the gym. After all, most of the effort required in workouts is heavily dependent on your feet, and the proper workout attire for men is definitely worth the investment.

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If you’d prefer working out more than once a fortnight, a great pair of trainers (or two) will surely be worth the investment. But before you go off purchasing some serious kit, bear in mind that you don’t have to go completely pro.A t-shirt that fits loose enough to allow you room for a good workout while simultaneously being snug enough to give an air of tailored slickness is always a good place to start. If your first thought was a white tank, kindly reconsider as this is not knowing what to wear to a gym. The white vest is a risky move, because – although, yes, it’s fitted enough and yes, it allows some room for movement – it can be very, very, unforgiving.

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A nice-looking bag is a must while hitting the gym, this one for instance. With Drawcord closure at the top, it makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry. Also, it’s is spacious enough to carry your water bottle and your other gym goods. The illustration on the body of the bag gives it a space-like feel too. A definite head-turner.

For someone who lives in skinny jeans and Chelsea boots and who recently wore his hair at proper metal head length, Harry Styles has surprisingly excellent workout style. The former 1D front man, who is currently wrapping up his first solo album, was photographed leaving the gym in London yesterday wearing the stylish guy’s lifting uniform: heavy-duty hoodie, compression tights, basketball shorts, crew-length socks, and blackout sneakers. His brown, half-filled gym bag sort of gives him away as a rocker who is contractually obligated to stay fit, but it didn’t kill the look or anything. Also, Style's navy beanie—complete with curls poking out from underneath—more than made up for the lackluster duffel. The beanie is a major improvement from the man-bun-and-headband combo Styles used to rock on his off-duty days.

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