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The season is all about embroideries. From Alexander Mc queen to Samant Chauhan everybody is working on embroideries augmenting the aesthetics and evoking an emotion of romance and elegance through it.

Not only these, even academic awards like Oscar also followed the trend making celebrities look like some Castle queen. Satin stitch, chain stitch, and appliqué cut-outs on denims, viscose, or tulle creates a perfect ensemble, all ready to rock the world like any lady of shallot.

So if your style mantra is all about being classy, elegant and lady like then do embrace this trend of summer 2017.

Style Tip: You can also go for embroidered accessories for the season.

Just pair up your solid coloured jump suit, palazzos or ripped jeans with embroidered accessories, for hair keep it a simple bun or top knot, wear a little darker shades for your lips to compliment the embroideries and you all set to beat the heat.