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Breezy fashion is the style mantra for this summer.

Image courtesy: Zara

From Gigi Hadid to Sonam Kapoor everyone has been spotted in bell or kimono sleeves, even Golden globe witnessed this trend when Drew Barrymore wore a metallic gown with kimono sleeves.

Image courtesy: Instagram and Wireimage

Fashion has a cycle and this is once again proved with the revival of 70’s and 90’s style statement of dramatic sleeves.

Image Courtesy: Trend Spotter

Style tips: Pair up your dramatic sleeves with tight fitted pants or tight fitted slit skirts. Go for solid colours to augment the style quotient. Remember not to overdo the makeup or accessories and for hair keep it messy or middle parted.

For a flirty feminine look go for dresses with flared sleeves, laces and frills.

Image Courtesy: Aliexpress

Image Courtesy: Trend Spotter

So gals beat the heat this summer with cool shades, funky flats or pretty pumps and flaunt your dramatic sleeves like a fashionista.


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