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The year 2016 has left with some jewellery trends that will continue to dominate in 2017. One of them is choker. Choker necklaces are back in fashion from elaborate diamond studded ones for weddings to simpler versions from the world of fashion jewellery. Thin strips almost choking the neck to grand ones that fall down with grace as if part of your dress. Chokers were born in nineties and as it is said fashion repeats itself with some modification and innovation. Chokers are the classic jewellery ruling from an era with end number of varieties.

There is a huge range and variety of choker in market. From simple chokers for casual day out to studded chokers for rough look to shimmers for a wedding look. Endless varieties for every look and occasion.

Chokers are going to embellish your look this season with new trends.. Even celebrities are crazy for the choker style. It is very easy to design a choker for yourself and easiest way to accessories yourself.