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Trace Your Tattoo

Tattoos have been a form of art that still exist from the ancient time. With the era, the style and designs have changed but tattoos have not lost their significance, fame and authenticity. Art can’t be defined but it has an inner meaning in depth. It can be one’s expression of feelings, mood, thoughts or life. Be it hatred or love, sorrow or joy, calmness or anger, it can be seen in the art of the artist. Artists are the ones with special talent of bringing out the emotions without words.

For youngsters these days, tattoos have become a symbol of fashion. Inspired from the rock stars, singers, players or fighters, the youngsters have started going for tattoos often. Thus, here are some of the coolest and trendiest tattoo designs for the youngsters in the modern era. Be it on any part of the body, an apt design should be inscribed for permanent tattoos.

  1. Dandelion butterflies

Butterflies with their lovely vivid flattering wings, have been a source of beauty and freedom. A fluttering butterfly as a tattoo is quite popular among girls who love freedom to fly.

2.Twinkling stars

Stars are the most fascinating thing for all from the very early childhood. Looking up at sky, and grazing at stars is a wonderful moment to experience. A shooting star further adds hope in our hearts. Often, we look at stars to remember our loved ones and hence, are emotionally bound to the stars.


Love is the most beautiful expression one can experience in this life. An infinite love is quite unique in today’s era and thus, a tattoo of infinite love is quite popular among youngsters in love.

4.Soul Mates

As it is said, somebody somewhere is made for you. What if the person has the key to the lock of your heart? Find a perfect match to your lock and key with amazing tattoos of lock and key in the form of heart.

5.Royalty Defined

Two souls in love often are the king and queen for each other. The king and queen of the deck are quite famous tattoos for the couples these days.

6. Infinity Inscribed

A word that exists in dictionary but yet undefined, can only be expressed with the art. It has a deep inner meaning that signifies the quest of human to find the limit of infinity.

7.Follow Your Faith

Though trust upon humans is difficult to exist in this century, but still the world is going on the basis of faith, as each one of us are connected to live a life.


The world is intact because of the hope that rises among us and keeps our dreams alive. It gives meaning to the entire human life and to the world as a whole.

9.Summing Up

Life can be summed up with these three simple words. A tattoo defining all three together, is a perfect message for the entire humanity.

10.Out In The Sky

Flying birds are the symbol of freedom. Being free is the birthright of every living being on earth that is demanding out loud by youngsters with this tattoo.

11.Broken Chains

The feeling of being tied up is the worst thing one would want to believe in. It symbolizes the importance of getting freed by breaking those chains that have captured humanity for long ages.

12.Be An Anchor

It describes you as someone who can provide stability or confidence in an uncertain situation. Hence, it is sighted commonly these days among young crowd.

13.Flowing Fragrance

Flowers have always pleased women and are a source of beauty, fragrance and love. A lotus tattoo on the back is the ideal symbol to depict perfectionism.

14.Shades Of Moon

A feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle, is a favored tattoo symbol for girls. It symbolizes immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself.

15.A Perfect Complement

Sun and moon represent a merging of opposites, unity and cooperation. The sun often signifies the symbol of rebirth, strength and power while the moon signifies immortality and eternity. The masculine and feminine in this tattoo complementing each other, makes this tattoo a worldly famous one.

16.Crowned Ring

A crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by angels. A crowned ring tattoo is thereby, simple and elegant.


A sacred symbol of status, intelligence and wealth, an owl now-a-days is a symbol of fashion too. Similar to the jewelry with an owl pendant, owl tattoos are the ones youngsters sought after maximum.


Apart from the symbolic significance of cat as the most ferocious breed, brave girls are quite usually addressed with the word ‘junglee billi’ and are often associated with the cat fights. They crave for the cat tattoos these days.

19.Music Symbols

These symbols on wrist are the famous tattoos sighted these days among youngsters, especially the music lovers

20.Tune Your Tattoo

Music is a form of art that has been in existence from the time life came into existence. It is life for many music lovers, who go on flaunting their music-love tattoos, believing it allows one to reach states of ecstasy by resonating the human spirit.


Rock stars, guitarists would definitely not be spotted with a guitar, be it a tattoo or in some other form. Crazy girls running behind the guitarists often have this tattoo inscribed on them.


After the twilight series that flooded into the market, vampire lovers can be seen with the bat tattoos moving around popularly. The bat, a symbol of rebirth and depth has its strong symbolic significance

23. Outspoken

Quite popularly seen are the tattoos with the thoughts that would empower one from within. Moreover, these sayings are meant to be the messages for the world to understand them.

24.What’s Your Horoscope?

Many of us do believe in our horoscopes and go for zodiac sign tattoos. This one is a funky bow and arrow for all the Sagittarians.

25.Jewelry Juxtaposed

Anklets are quite in fashion, and a tattoo marked at the ankle, adds up to the style among youngsters.