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Wardrobe Essentials For Men

From casuals to formals there are certain things that every man should own. Here’s a list of things that every guy must have to look their best at all times.

A grey suit – A well-tailored suit is something that every man will need in his life at some point or the other so when in doubt pick the grey (charcoal or dark grey) because you can never go wrong with this shade. The best part about it is that the parts of the suit can also be used individually when not worn together. for example, the blazer can be worn with a simple formal shirt or the trouser of the suit with a shirt and a tie etc.

Black dress shoes – Black dress shoes are a classic. They are a perfect fit for most outfits and colour choices

Chinos – The best way to sport a semi-formal look is to wear a nice pair of Khakhi chinos