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The summer is here and it is the time for the parents to create room for tiny tulles, metallics or floral to make their munchkins look the perfect miniature version of them.

From Dolce and Gabbana to Masaba Gupta every designer is presenting their kid’s line and this whole idea of dressing the kids in mini me version is also overwhelming and exciting for the tweeny poo’s.

So parents go make your kids look more adorable than ever with some cute as well trendy outfits


Moms check these floral outfits to make you lil gal look a cherub.

Big roses on pastel base will make your kid look adorable. Pair it up with a floral cap sunglasses or hair bands.

Combination of floral and Gingham will definitely make your kid girl look country cute

Now if we are talking of floral then mommies out there, you should definitely try tropical maxi dresses for your kids and let them feel like a little adorable lady.

You can even try tribal prints for your kids. For colour play try frocks with tribal print on it and to add some more credulity to your kid’s outfit go for blue pottery prints.

If your kid is going for a birthday party try dressing them in some metallic pinafore as this always works for parties, be it a kid or a grownup. Or wrap your baby girl in layers of tulle and make her look like a flower girl.

You can also go for embroidered dresses as this will make your little girl look like some Hera.