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Go Classic with Satin and Denim!

Satin is considered as the fabric of the elite. The soft and lustrous fabric is a perfect pick for you if you are someone who loves luxurious and chic clothing. Pair up satin with denims to achieve the elegant-street style look which is the best example of hard and soft. Here are a few ways to wear those satin blouses with denim.

A halter neck satin blouse with denim pants preferably flared pants or bell bottoms.

The Classic Pussy-bow blouse – This is the safest option for a Satin blouse because it looks good no matter what colour or silhouette it is made in.

Classic satin shirt – The collared formal buttoned down shirt is perfect when paired with a nice high waist denim skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

Pair a satin blouse with a denim skirt – Denim skirts of different lengths, calf, ankle and even miniskirts.

Pocket shorts with a classy shirt – Pair up all your denim shorts with a luxe satin blouse for a chic look.