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Rock The Eyeliner !

Tired of spending time on getting that eye liner, right? Here are a few tips you could follow to make your eyes pop. Eye make-up might seem pretty easy but a lot of precision is required with only comes with a lot of experience. If you’re a beginner or just don’t have too much time to spend then the following tip should be really helpful to you.

1.Use cello tape to achieve that perfect that winged eye liner look which is the best way to make a style statement

2.Smudge a gel liner with a brush to get a Smokey eye effect.

I would suggest a brown or grey eye liner to be used for this. Smudge really well and, viola! you’ll have your Smokey eye effect ready in just a couple of steps.

3.Use a white liner in the tear duct to make your eyes pop.

This will also make the eyes look bigger. so, use this tip to make your eyes look livelier and beautiful

4.Draw a triangle along the edge of the eye joining the edge of the top eye lid and fill it up for a cat eye.

This is a way to simplify it a little more.

5.Use a combination of pencil and liquid/gel liner to get the desired shape.

Use a lighter coloured pencil liner and draw out the shape that you want it to have and then trace the same with the liquid liner later on.

6.Glitter liner – Put on your black liner first and then apply a coat of Duraline over it.

Once that’s done dab some glitter (you have special eye make-up glitter available in the market) on it before the Duraline dries up.