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In the 21st century it has become very important focusing on clothing and appearance according to our body type. It’s not about trying to look slim, it’s about emphasizing your shape and enhancing your body so that you feel your best in every outfit.

So, let me guide you through this process. Each of us is unique and our bodies are too!

Anyhow, our body shape is categorized majorly into five types.

Above is the picture showing basic body shapes.

  • Rectangle-Shoulder, Waist and hip width are similar.

  • Triangle- Where shoulder and bust are small and widens at hips, just like a pear.

  • Hour-glass- Bust and hips are bigger and of same size where waist has curves.

  • Inverted triangle- Where shoulder is wide and it gets slimmer on the waist area.

  • Round- Where Shape starts widening from the bust area covering upper waist till hips.

Now you might fall in one category but some of you might be a mixture of two shapes. Don’t worry! That is fine. Just see which of this shape are you on a high end and then decide.

Below are the styling ideas according to the body shape. Tadaaaa, finally!


Because your hips waist and shoulder are similar in width you need to create curves at your waist. By wearing belts or layering accessories on your waist will define the area.

  • One can wear peplum dress which has ruffles falling down from upper waistline that gives an illusion of a slimmer waist.

  • If you are not into a dress kinda stuff, and prefer jeans and shirt instead, you can always choose to layer. May it be a shirt tied around the waist or wear a jacket or carry a bag till the waist line.

Try everything at your waist, give dimensions only on your waist.