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Not necessarily associated with flirtatious, feminine silhouettes, denim takes on the dress in an array of shapes for pre-fall.

2017 denim trends are extremely diverse, bringing in denim bags, denim shoes, cool customized jeans and everything else in between. Denim is multipurpose and comfortable and can be found in a variety of options and styles.

Not only are denim pieces easy to love, they are also practical with their durability and real pockets.

Denim is easy to dress up or down and lasts a good long time. Everyone has at last one denim item in their closet, and we are happy to recommend the 2017 denim staples as possible additions to your new season wardrobe.

Lace Applique Denim Bag

Shoulder bags will always be in style in some fashion or another. The romantic lace addition pops over the denim, while the leather trim adds another rich accent. The silver shoulder chain is the finishing touch for this bag.

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