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Yellow – The color that’s perfect for summer.

Yellow is a color that symbolizes Vibrancy, brightness and happiness. It’s the color that represents sunlight. So, this summer brighten up your wardrobe with hints of yellow. Here are a few outfits that can be worn to look your best in this warm color,

A yellow shift dress – A shift silhouettes is something that everybody can carry off. With the right pair of heels and a clutch this will be your best style statement this summer.

A solid yellow Jumpsuit – A single color head to toe is the safest bet while picking a style. This also makes you look skinny and gorgeous. So, pick a well fitted jumpsuit and accessorize it with brighter colors to complete the look.

A Pencil skirt – This is a perfect pick for a formal look. Pair this yellow skirt with a white or black shirt/blouse and add a pop of colour by picking a pair of heels that are bright.

A yellow maxi-skirt – A maxi is definitely the way to go especially when it’s in a bright color its perfect when paired with a black top.